Flexlm error codes

For the majority of users with Internet access, license management installation for system administrators and end-users can be completed as part of the installation process while running the SETUP program. Look for buttons that indicate "Check this box to reload your existing license file. For more instructions concerning manually installing floating and nodelocked licenses please read the section entitled "Manual License Management Instructions" at the end of this document.

flexlm error codes

If you wish to combine license files from other vendors, please read Chapter 3 "Multiple License Files" in the End Users Manual available from Globetrotter at www.

Once you get your license, follow the instructions in the section entitled "Manual License Management Instructions" below. License Administrator Contact Information To contact Wind River License Administrators please use the following regional phone numbers and email addresses. North America, Japan, Asia Pacific phone: email: license windriver. Flexlm Error Codes Resolution Table This table below lists the FLEXlm error codes that may be returned with a description of what the error means and instructions to respond to the errors.

If the file cannot be found in the default directories, run the seup program to install the license file. Request a valid license file from license windriver. Order more licenses from Wind River Systems for the feature. Call Wind River Technical Support for help. Ask the system administrator to run the Setup program to get and install a valid license file for the server.

Ask the system administrator to run the Setup program to get and install a valid license file. The port number returned from Lmgrd is invalid. Ask the system administrator to kill the license server and restart it. Then try running the application again. Try running the application again. If the same error message recurs, ask the system administrator to check that the server is running. Contact Wind River technical Support for help.

This error is very rare, and checkout should be retried if this occurs. Contact Wind River Sales to purchase a new version of the application. Kill the application and it will be Reclaimed by the license daemon at a later time. New requests from clients are deferred during this period.

The user should retry the application. This request will never succeed. Contact Wind River Sales to purchase additional licenses. Check your hardware for installation of the correct ethernet device. Change the permission of the license file to be readable in your context.

Wait until the start date arrives or contact Wind River for a new license file to Internal errors that are not user serviceable Contact Wind River technical Support for help.

The license administrator at you site will have to modify the option file to allow the excluded users to run. User needs to free memory on the system. Contact Wind River Sales to purchase additional licenses for the platform desired.

This is probably a bad date. UDP communications are not guaranteed. FLEXlm makes a best effort to recover from lost and garbled messages, but this indicates a failure. Retry the application so that it can attempt to retrieve a license from the License daemon.The license subsystem in Autodesk products reports possible errors in the form of [X. This usually happens when a license file has been altered.

The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file. Workaround: Use IP address e. Obsolete with v8.

flexlm error codes

This is a warning condition. The system administrator has reserved all the licenses for others. Reservations are made in the options file. The server must be restarted for options file changes to take effect.

Error: FLEXlm Error: Cannot find license file. Flexlm error -1,359

See the debug log for further information. Either the dongle is unattached, or the necessary software driver for this dongle type is not installed. In order to read the FLEXid hostid, the correct driver must be installed. These drivers are available from your software vendor. Contact the vendor for further details. Peer has closed socket. The application requires a license key in the license certificate. You need to obtain a license key version of this certificate from your vendor.

Common FlexNet error codes

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Tech Solutions Duane Brown. Share this: Email Print Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like LoadingProblem: License library initialization failed with error: Activation Library Initialization error 6. Please, contact software vendor to resolve the problem.

Reason: Tekla license server installation folder contains. Solution: To resolve the problem, do the following:. For more information about license server installation, see Installing Tekla license server. Deactivation is not needed in this case. Licenses are kept safe in a specific Flexera Software location outside Tekla license server installation directory.

Problem: Error The licensing service is not installed. Reason: The error occurs when you are starting Tekla License Administration Toolor when you are trying to run serveractutil.


At the command prompt, type the following commands:. Problem: There are no activated licenses to return. Another program may have modified the activated licenses rights concurrently. Reason: The trusted storage has been modified, probably by some other program.

The red Restore R trust status of your license is not trusted. The license is broken, therefore it cannot be returned. Solution: The license will become available on the server machine automatically when the borrow period ends.

Message 2: Failed to load trusted storage or specified ASR. Reason: These error messages indicate that the trusted storage cannot be loaded, and your trusted storage is corrupted. Solution: Your licenses need to be replaced. Contact your local Tekla representative for a replacement along with some instructions. Problem: License server installation fails.

Reason: You have an older version of the license server installed.Please check the error code you are receiving and attempt a resolution. Check the spelling of the license file. If you renamed the license file verify that it does not have a hidden extension on the filename. For example, license. You will then be able to verify if there is an additional extension. Rename the license file by removing the. You will have to restart the license manger after you have made this change. The system clock has been set back on the client machine.

Search your systems for files or folders that are dated in the future and delete them if possible. If that is not possible, for example, Windows systems files have been affected, you can change the date of these files or folders to the current date. For more information and instructions on this error visit the posted document titled System clock has been set back.

You cannot however change the Host ID. If the Host ID is incorrect you will need a new license file. You have installed FLEXlm on a machine other than the one that the license file was created for. In this instance your machine is a client machine. Uninstall FLEXlm and follow the instructions for setting up a client machine. See the document titled Client License Setup. You are trying to use an expired license file.

This instructs FLEXlm that you have a new license file. This is probably the most difficult licensing error to correct and the possible resolutions are many. Workaround: Use IP address e. If the firewall is turned on then certain license executables need to be added to the Exceptions list.

See the document Cannot Connect to License Server for details.The number of characters in the license file paths exceeds the permissible limit. There is a limit on the number of license files that can be used by a license server manager. This limit is on the number of characters in the combined license file paths to the license files:.

This information and more is also available in the License Administration Guide LicenseAdministration. Skip to main content. Autodesk Knowledge Network.

flexlm error codes

To translate this article, select a language. By: Support. Support 0 contributions. Error [ Error codes typically display as Error[1. Resolve this by setting the service to start automatically. This usually happens when a license file has been altered. The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.

Work around: Use IP address for example, Refer to the manufacturer's documentation on how to change this limit. Obsolete with version 8.

Indicates and error due to an operating system failure. Please report error to Flexera Software. This is a warning condition. See the system administrator about starting the server, or make sure that you're referring to the right host. The system administrator has reserved all the licenses for others.

Problems in Tekla licensing: Error codes and their descriptions

Reservations are made in the options file. The server must be restarted for options file changes to take effect. The vendor daemon can't handle any more users. See the debug log for further information.This page documents areas of FLEXlm that have given customers difficulty in the past.

We hope it helps you debug any problems you might experience at your site. What version of FLEXlm does the program use? Use the 'lmver' script, or, on UNIX, execute the following command on your lmgrd, vendor daemon, and application:.

Available only with applications using FLEXlm v4. Also, applications may choose not to provide this functionality. The format of the diagnostic information may change over time. On Windows 3. BAT :. On Windows, if the application is v5. If the application is v5. For example:.

Note that the error message actually contains 2 separate problems, which both occurred during the checkout: there's no such feature in the license it did find, and it was unable to find the other license file, which is what produces the message 'No such file or directory'.

Note that the feature name and license key are printed, along with the license file location or hostname if host were used and hostname of the server, where applicable. Description: A discussion of what causes the problem described in the 'Symptom' section.

You can scan through the list of problems to find any which appear to relate to your concerns. In order to solve your problem, you may have to use all or some of the solutions listed here.

When I run the license manager on my machine, it tells me it is the wrong hostid. The vendor daemon checks the hostid listed on the SERVER line in the license file; if it does not match the hostid of the machine it is running on, this message will be printed. Possible causes include:. Verify that the hostid of the machine on which the vendor daemon or node locked client program is being run matches the hostid specified in the license file on the SERVER line for the vendor, or on the FEATURE line for a node locked client.

You can run the 'lmhostid' program to see what FLEXlm thinks the hostid is. You may not modify the hostid in the license file. If the hostid of your server machine changes, you will have to get a new license file from your software vendor. When using a floating license on Windows 7 the tools may become slow, depending on the network configuration. This issue was detected in a network with multiple domains.

This is caused by the hostname lookup in FLEXlm.License Codes. This section explains the structure and usage of the FLEX lm licensing file license. License Packs. Your license codes are given to you in a License Pack. The license pack contains a customer information section and a license information section. The license information section contains "feature lines" that define your PTC licenses and floating options.

If you obtained your License Pack by e-mail or through the www for maintenance releases onlyyou can save the License Pack to a file. This eliminates the task of manually entering your license information.

This technique is highly recommended. Your license file contains all the license information multiple feature lines for all Configuration IDs assigned to a particular CPU. That is, all licenses for all PTC products licensed to a single machine can be defined in a single license file. PTC can provide license information for all products on a single License Pack. Server Lines. Only one server line is needed per license server. When you get your license pack, a generic string will populate the hostname field.

Daemon Lines. Feature Lines. With FLEX lmserial numbers and security codes have been replaced with "feature lines" to license your software. Feature lines define all the licensing elements product, modules, number of licenses, and so on to use the license on the proper host. Since all elements of a license are defined in a feature line, it can be said that feature lines replace the serial number, and security codes revision codes, option codes, floating license codes, etc.

A single license file can contain multiple feature lines for a single or multiple products. Feature line formats vary depending on the type of license and its usage.


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