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After the conclusion of the events of last season, Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Laurel move on with the next chapter of their lives. In season five, a new mystery involving one of their own will unfold, as relationships are fractured, and new secrets are exposed. Update Streaming Links.

How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 6. Thursday, April 30th, Thursday, November 21st, Thursday, October 10th, How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 5. Thursday, February 14th, Thursday, October 4th, How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 4.

Thursday, November 16th, Thursday, October 19th, How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 3. Thursday, November 17th, Thursday, October 27th, How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 2. Thursday, February 11th, Thursday, November 19th, How to Get Away with Murder - Staffel: 1. How to Get Away with Murder. Viola Davis. Jack Falahee.As Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone and Laurel Castillo start their third year at law school, Annalise Keating returns to teaching part-time for the Advanced Trial Skills class, selecting 24 new students to help her retry old cases for her class action suit.

Meanwhile, Bonnie gets closer to A. Miller in an attempt to find out how much he knows about the group, as Nate investigates Bonnie's child, whom she thought was dead but is confirmed to be alive. At the same time, new second-year student Gabriel Maddox impresses Annalise and is chosen as one of the twenty four students to help her with the case load, while Asher gets left out.

Oliver, Connor, Michaela and Laurel move in together in a new house, and Frank starts suspecting Gabriel's own reasons for being at Middleton.

Annalise takes on her first client from the class action suit, with Michaela working on the case too. Emmett starts to get a closer look to Annalise's class and students, finding out that Laurel Castillo is working on the clinic. Tegan is afraid that with Michaela and Laurel working there, everyone will find out she was the "Jane Doe" who exposed Jorge; so Laurel tells Emmett that her mother must have been the one who exposed Jorge since she has disappeared after he went to jail.

In the meantime, Asher lands a job on the D. Miller and Bonnie herself. Frank continues to investigate Gabriel, and gets him to move into Rebecca's old apartment, where he has cameras installed; Nate goes to an agency and finds that a woman who looks similar to Bonnie stealing her baby.

Annalise and Emmett take on a wealthy client who is accused of killing his work partner, and the D. During the case, Asher reveals to Miller that he and Bonnie used to date.

In the meantime, the governor continues to threaten Annalise's class action suit, by forcing everyone in Annalise's class into an ethics exam. Frank continues to investigate Gabriel, and finds a fake ID and a hard drive among his things; and Oliver finds out Frank's investigating Gabriel. Nate finds the nurse who worked on the shift when Bonnie's baby was stolen, and it seems like Bonnie is the one who took him.

When he finally brings this to Annalise, she tells him that the woman on the picture is actually Bonnie's sister. After Nate confronts Annalise about Bonnie's past, he asks her to tell Bonnie that her child may be alive. She hesitates to do so, while she tries to obtain permission to argue insanity in Nate Sr.

Emmett tries to sign a new rich client with the help of Tegan, who tests Michaela's ambition by having her attempt to develop a blackmail ploy to force the client to sign.

Connor discovers that Annalise did help him to get back into Middleton, and he later confronts her about it, causing her to make Gabriel, rather than Connor, second chair for Nate Sr. Oliver confronts Frank about hacking Gabriel, and both he and Laurel start investigating on their own. Eventually, Annalise tells Bonnie about the file that Denver had on her, and how Nate discovered her child may be alive.

Annalise asks her students what they think she did wrong in court on Nate Sr. As the students start to analyze what they could have done wrong, we see the trial unfold as they change their strategies constantly.

In the meantime, Bonnie reflects about her child, and she finally tells Miller a part of her dark past. At the end, Laurel confronts Frank about spying on Gabriel and who he is. Bonnie goes to her sister's house to get answers.

Bonnie talks with her sister Julie, who admits that she did take the baby. Julie later reveals that she ran with the baby and apparently buried him in the woods. Connor's and Oliver's mothers visit their sons in preparation for the wedding, and Oliver finally comes clean with his mom about being HIV positive.

Laurel keeps her secrets. To Emmett's dismay, Annalise takes the governor's deal to get Nate Sr.Murder, deception, fear and guilt are the ties that bind Middleton University Professor Annalise Keating to her long-time associates Frank Delfino, Bonnie Winterbottom and her students. Relationships will be fractured, lies will spin out of control, and a shocking, new mystery will upend their entire lives.

Anzeigen in iTunes. Meanwhile, "The Keating 4" all face an uncertain future, while Laurel becomes obsessed with finding out what actually happened to Wes the night he died. While Annalise reconnects with an important client from her past, she continues to struggle to move forward in her personal life.

Meanwhile, the "Keating 4" find it difficult to move past their tarnished reputations. Annalise takes on a case and quickly realizes the stakes are much higher than she originally thought. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information regarding Wes' death, and Connor makes a major life decision that is not supported by the group. Feeling like she's found her purpose again, Annalise focuses on developing her big case and Bonnie grows suspicious. Meanwhile, Connor gets a surprise visit from his dad, and Laurel turns to an old friend to relieve some stress.

Bonnie's suspicions about Annalise's big case drive her to surprising lengths to get answers, while flashbacks reveal the genesis of the two women's long and complicated history. A flash forward reveals the shocking whereabouts of one of the Keating 4. Annalise forges ahead with her class action lawsuit and receives help from a former colleague.

Meanwhile, Laurel continues to investigate her father's company, while Asher confronts Michaela about her odd behavior, and details about Isaac's past are revealed. When Annalise's resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel's father.

Annalise is confronted with disturbing news involving one of Isaac's patients that puts her sobriety at risk. Meanwhile, the investigation into Wes' murder comes to a head, and the shocking details involving the whereabouts of Laurel's baby are revealed. As a police investigation gets underway after Simon's accidental shooting, the "Keating Four" deal with a new set of obstacles. Meanwhile, a distraught Annalise finds herself in an unimaginable situation as Laurel and her baby struggle to cling to life.

As Laurel struggles to come to terms with what happened on that tragic night, Annalise and Frank work together to do what they believe is best for the group. Meanwhile, details involving a past murder come to light as Annalise continues to build her class action case. Annalise deals with an unforeseen issue after damaging details about a key witness are exposed in her case to help Laurel.

Meanwhile, the "Keating Four" continue their efforts to help build a case for Annalise's class action lawsuit. As Annalise's class-action case hangs in the balance, a meeting with the esteemed Washington D.A law professor chooses five students to intern at her firm, while shifts in time foretell of the team's involvement in a shocking murder.

A tough criminal law professor challenges her brightest students to solve thorny cases, but five scholars soon learn the high price of impressing her. Annalise challenges her students to prove the innocence of an eccentric millionaire suspected of his wife's murder; Wes may be harboring secrets. A soccer mom arrested for a petty crime turns out to be a terrorist; Annalise represents a college football star linked to Lila's disappearance.

Annalise and her students dig up a shocking truth when the head of a brokerage firm is arrested for insider trading; Wes discovers an unsettling clue. Annalise represents a minor who shot his police officer father; Annalise and Sam argue over Lila; Wes and Rebecca question Annalise's motives.

A case gets personal for Annalise and the team when their client is a man sentenced to death by Asher's father; Frank tries to find Rebecca. When the judge enforces a gag order in Rebecca's case, she takes matters into her own hands; Michaela is surprised by a prenuptial agreement. The team represents a woman on trial for killing her nanny; a shocking discovery in Lila's case tests loyalties; more is revealed about Sam and Lila.

On the evening of the bonfire, future flashes finally sync with the present, and the exact circumstances of Sam's death are finally revealed. As the team helps Annalise search for Sam, it is unclear how much Annalise really knows; a surprise visitor makes things harder on the students. As school resumes after winter break, the campus is abuzz over Sam's disappearance; while Hannah probes, Annalise focuses on a victim of spousal abuse. A shocking discovery in Sam's case changes everything for Annalise and the team; the students find themselves on a tricky case that involves the mob.

Wracked with guilt, Annalise turns to an unlikely source for help; Bonnie is tasked with representing a new client accused of rape. A priest is accused of killing another man of the cloth; suspicion grows between Wes and Rebecca; the pieces of Lila's murder start to fit together. Wes, Michaela, Connor and Laurel find themselves caught in a bind before the truth about Lila's death can be brought to light.

Annalise and the Keating 5 defend siblings accused of killing their parents, and Rebecca's mysterious disappearance creates factions within the group. While the others reel from Rebecca's disappearance, Annalise and Frank keep the truth a secret and covertly try to find the culprit.

Annalise scrambles to defend her sibling clients against surprising new charges and, later, endures a grueling cross-examination. Annalise agrees to defend an elite sex club owner.Navigation umschalten. Patricia Faltin Studentin 3 Viola Davis. Billy Brown. Alfred Enoch. Jack Falahee. Aja Naomi King. Matt McGorry. Karla Souza. Charlie Weber. Liza Weil. Conrad Ricamora. Katie Findlay. Tom Verica. Amy Okuda. Corbin Reid.

„How to Get Away with Murder“ Staffel 5: Netflix-Start und alle Infos

Jimmy Smits. Behzad Dabu.

Asher's Muderer Is Revealed - How to Get Away with Murder

Jeffrey De Serrano. Brett Zimmerman. Benito Martinez. Elliot Knight. Donnabella Mortel. Michelle Hurd. Tim Griffin. Simon Kassianides. Michael Peter Bolus. Teya Patt. Carolyn Michelle Smith.

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Wilson Bethel. Rya Meyers. Michael Reilly Burke. Alysia Reiner. Alyssa Diaz. Peter Macon. John Getz. Jonathan Craig Williams. Michelle Alegria.Folge 5 der 1. En sjokkerende oppdagelse om brannkvelden forandrer alt. Teamet skal forsvare en krigsveteran som er anklaget for overfall. Annalise sitter i fengsel, siktet for brannstiftelse og overlagt drap, mens statsadvokaten bygger saken mot henne. Laurel hyrer en privatetterforsker, og Frank sparker advokaten sin. Annalise tar en stor, ny sak.

Sjokkerende sannheter fra fortiden kommer til overflaten og forandrer alles liv. Annalise finner bevis som hjelper klienten hennes. Annalise snakker med dr. Roa om den vanskelige fortiden. Riksadvokaten tar med seg svertingen av Annalise inn i rettsalen. Bonnie konfronterer Annalise med de faktiske intensjonene hennes. Laurel og Annalise henter inn et nytt vitne i tvisten om foreldrerett, men vitnet har egne hemmeligheter. Laurel og Frank konfronterer Sandrine med opptaket.

Simon husker detaljer om festkvelden og hyrer en advokat. Skitne politiske triks hindrer Annalises ankesaker, gamle hemmeligheter kommer fram i lyset, og en fatal hendelse trekker alle inn i en drapsetterforskning. Asher skaper vanskeligheter for den gryende romansen mellom Bonnie og Miller.

Frank finner ut hva Julie har holdt skjult for Bonnie. Frank forteller Annalise om Gabriel i bryllupet. En sjokkerende opplysning om Nate seniors drapsmann kommer fram i lyset. Frank skjuler sannheten om Miller for Bonnie og Nate. Kontakt oss. Netflix Netflix. Skapere: Peter Nowalk. Sesong 1 Sesong 2 Sesong 3 Sesong 4 Sesong 5. Pilotepisode 45 min. It's All Her Fault 44 min. Smile, or Go to Jail 44 min.Staffel: 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Und wir warten weiter auf Staffel Und warten, und How to Get Away with Murder. Episoden Staffel: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. Who's Dead? Whose Blood is That?

Annalise Keating Is Dead 15??? Aktuelle Kommentare Grey's Anatomy: Review, House: Episode, 2. Seattle Firefighters: Episode, 3.

How to Get Away With Murder

Grey's Anatomy: Episode, Verpasst keine News und Updates. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Das beste Team. Mord mal 2. Aufs Kreuz gelegt. Nackte Tatsachen. Unter Druck.

How to get away with Murder - Staffel 5

Nichts bleibt verborgen. In flagranti. Nichts als die Wahrheit. Dunkle Aussichten. Unter Beschuss. Der verlorene Sohn. Ganz unten. So viel Blut.

Mein Kind. Anna Mae.


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