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Zenith Aircraft Online provides detailed information and resources on sport experimental aviation and our exciting line of homebuilt kit planes for sport pilots.

For access to our previous site, please click here. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Zenith Aircraft Company Celebrates 25 Years For a quarter century Zenith Aircraft Company has been manufacturing and marketing aircraft kits from its modern production facilities at the Mexico Memorial Airport in Missouri. With customers across the U.

Zenith Aircraft Company is in the exclusive business of designing, developing and manufacturing kit aircraft. Zenith Aircraft Company acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market Zenair kit aircraft designs from designer Chris Heintz. The company is a proud member and supporter of the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Zenith Aircraft Company is continuously involved in projects devoted to aviation education and the advancement of sport aviation around the world.

With this addition, flight became more affordable and achievable by the general population. Unlike Private Pilots, Sport pilots are not required to have an annual medical, and can fly with no more than a current driver's license after successfully earning the Sport Pilot license.

Homebuilt aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft LSA are single engine planes with no more than two seats, a maximum weight of lbs, a maximum stall speed of 51 mph and a maximum speed of mph. Light Sport Aircraft can be homebuilt or purchased completed; however, there are many benefits to building your own aircraft. More info Design and Construction College How do planes fly? What creates lift? How are aircraft designed? Design and Construction College is an online resource designed to provide the homebuilder with practical and technical information about flight, aerodynamics and aircraft design.

H Institute in Switzerland. As a young man, Heintz began to design and build his own all metal homebuilt aircraft incorporating simple construction methods throughout.

As founder, president and chief engineer of Zenair Ltd. Heintz has designed and developed more than 12 new aircraft models, which have been marketed as kit aircraft around the world. More than aircraft are presently flying around the world in 48 different countries. Heintz designs have earned an excellent reputation among pilots, builders, the press, and aviation authorities for their durable all-metal construction, normal flight characteristics, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

Chris Heintz does not only design, test and promote aircraft, he is also actively involved in all facets of general aviation as a long-time EAA member, frequently giving lectures and forums at chapter meetings and fly-ins. Heintz is also a sought-after light aircraft engineering consultant, consulting to governments, organizations, universities, and private individuals.Although it and his collection of RVs are metal, he has also restored tube and fabric aircraft and dabbled in both wood and composite.

His latest projects are a Xenos motorglider and a soon-to-be-started SubSonex personal jet. Choosing a new set of plans, a new kit, or a finished airplane that is new to you is an important decision—one that is full of excitement as well as a big financial and lifestyle commitment.

At KITPLANES, we maintain a directory that is as broad as we can make it, listing airplane designs that are new and those that are old so that you have the big picture of experimental craft. Giving you this broad perspective is important; we want you to know as much about your choices as possible so that once you have settled into the cockpit of your new aircraft, the excitement never goes away.

This year, we decided to show you our own choices. You read their work here every month—but what did they go through to get here? What choices did they make, what requirements were they trying to fill?

Our authors fly a variety of airplanes, which reflects the variety of needs, opinions, and desires of a diverse group of people. What do they have in common? A love of flying and all things aviation! Enjoy their stories and use the guide to inspire yourself. Aviation is a personal journey, and building an aircraft is something that will change your life. Follow the process others have taken to get to their perfect airplane—and we look forward to seeing what you got when we see you at the airport!

Back in aboutI was 36 years old, with very little money and a logbook with about hours in it. The preceding three years had contained one wrenching experience after another, and I was ready to do something, anything, positive. I decided to build an airplane. NKS was the th RV-6 kit sold out of more than It first flew on December 26,and Ken still owns it.

My choices? The Beachner Special, the Durand biplane and the Polliwagen. I think a total of seven or eight of those airplanes—combined—were ever finished. I grew up building surfboards and had helped a friend rebuild a few VW engines, so when the Q2 came along, I was all over that.Few things are more intimate and adventurous than building and flying your very own airplane and The Airplane Factory believes that it is imperative for any Sport Aircraft manufacturer to offer a kit version.

This allows all the home-builders out there the freedom to really understand and get involved in the process of creating a flying machine! And when you eventually fly her, the experience will be that much more rewarding as you have accomplished a great deal.

The kit allows the builder a bit more freedom in the assembly and registration processes. If you want to feel like a King, build a Sling! Register as:. With pulled rivets for ease of assembly solid rivets used in spar and spar box completed at factory. The Airplane Factory is proud to be the producer of high quality, high performance Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft. We take every step to ensure that each aircraft produced, whether ready-to-fly or kit version, is held to the highest of standards, above and beyond that required by ASTM or the FAA.

The reason for such meticulous design and construction is because most of us here at The Airplane Factory are pilots. Every new design prototype is tested to its ultimate breaking points to ensure maximum reliability and durability, not too mention the extraordinary efforts The Airplane Factory goes to in order to make sure handling and stability are in the upper echelon of all airplanes on the market today.

In addition, each kit we produce is inspected and assured to be top quality before being shipped to the buyer. The Airplane Factory founders feel that the Sling airplanes and kits are the best on the market and believe that you will soon agree! This vision would be an airplane capable of acting as either an exciting pleasure craft or a forgiving trainer. Mike decided to go with a stressed skin, riveted design for its proven technology, durability, and ease of construction.

He also wanted to make an all-metal, low wing airplane that would have excellent visibility, sporty handling, and a sleek and sexy exterior. The aluminum he chose was Aluminum Alloy. To be more specific, T6 Aluminum, a tempered grade that has been heat-treated and aged to add a significant strength element. Solid rivets are used on the main spars, which are standard aviation type spars with our own unique design for added strength, and pull rivets for the rest of the structure, making construction a bit easier while maintaining structural integrity.

The Airplane Factory uses high quality rivets manufactured in Germany that are well known throughout the aircraft manufacturing industry. Composites are also used throughout the airplane where appropriate, for example, cowling, fairings at the wing roots and the intersection between the vertical stabilizer and the fuselage, wheel pants, as well as the instrument panel and canopy structure.

For reduced weight but added strength, the landing gear is also composite construction which can take a heavy amount of stress regularly without issues.Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Shop Talk Leaky Static Lines. Vic Syracuse - July 11, Jim Weir - July 10, Exploring The Watch List. Kerry Fores - July 9, Marc Cook - July 7, Exploring Airpark Living.

Myron Nelson - July 6, Mel Asberry - June 26, 0. With the cancellation of AirVenture this year, companies are stepping up to provide customers Read more. Flight Reviews. Great looks, easy to build, and a wide choice of engines. Is this the RANS you've been waiting for?

kit planes

Builder Spotlight. Stuck at home? It might just be time to start building the plane of your dreams. Builder Spotlight Mel Asberry - June 26, 0. Shop Talk. Ever wonder why static systems often start to leak after a couple of years? Is anything more disheartening than dropping a piece of hardware in your airframe andYou can do it.

Anyone can. Find Out More. Each of our experiences is different, yet we have so much in common. Learn directly from RV owners how building and flying these airplanes has shaped their lives. RV Story Gallery. Built at the factory. Flight testing complete. Certified aircraft. Ready to fly home. Visit flyrv Update: Our business is operating but our offices remain closed to the public for the time being. Limited pre-arranged will-call pickup is available.

kit planes

On average, 1. Check out the stories and photos from some of these first flights, and submit your own! We've worked hard to make aircraft homebuilding accessible to anyone by giving you clear and complete plans, matched-hole kits and ready-to-assemble parts that make it easy to get started.

All sorts of folks from all walks of life have built RVs -- and you can too!

Bearhawk Aircraft

In fact, at any given point in time, hundreds of teenagers around the world are building our airplanes through various educational programs. These programs illustrate the versatility of our kits and broad spectrum of people who enjoy learning to build and fly their own airplanes!

We are proud of our airplanes, which are fun to fly and open up a broad range of missions and flying options. We're also quite pleased with the safety record of our fleet and the people who fly RV aircraft. Together we work hard to promote a strong culture of both technical and operational safety.

kit planes

The results are real!Homebuilt aircraftalso known as amateur-built aircraft or kit planesare constructed by persons for whom this is not a professional activity. These aircraft may be constructed from "scratch", from plans, or from assembly kits.

With some limitations, the builder s of the aircraft must have done it for their own education and recreation [3] rather than for profit. In the U. Alberto Santos-Dumont was the first to offer for free construction plans, publishing drawings of his Demoiselle in the June edition of Popular Mechanics. Homebuilt aircraft gained in popularity in the U. The years after Charles Lindbergh 's transatlantic flight brought a peak of interest between and During this period many aircraft designers, builders and pilots were self-taught and the high accident rate brought public condemnation and increasing regulation to amateur building.

The resulting federal standards on design, engineering, stress analysis, use of aircraft-quality hardware and testing of aircraft brought an end to amateur building except in some specialized areas, such as racing. In Goodyear restarted the National Air Races, including a class for aircraft powered by cubic inch and smaller engines.

The midget racer class spread nationally in the U. By the mids both the U. Homebuilt aircraft are generally small, one to four-seat sportsplanes which employ simple methods of construction. Fabric-covered wood or metal frames and plywood are common in the aircraft structure, but increasingly, fiberglass and other composites as well as full aluminum construction techniques are being used, techniques first pioneered by Hugo Junkers as far back as the late World War I era.

Engines are most often the same as, or similar to, the engines used in certified aircraft such as LycomingContinentalRotaxand Jabiru. A minority of homebuilts use converted automobile engines, with Volkswagen air-cooled flat-4sSubaru -based liquid-cooled engines, Mazda Wankel and Chevrolet Corvair six-cylinder engines being most common. The use of automotive engines helps to reduce costs, but many builders prefer dedicated aircraft engineswhich are perceived to have better performance and reliability.

Other engines that have been used include chainsaw and motorcycle engines. A combination of cost and litigationespecially in the mids era, discouraged general aviation manufacturers from introducing new designs and led to homebuilts outselling factory built aircraft by five to one.

Inthe number of homebuilts produced in the U. The history of amateur-built aircraft can be traced to the beginning of aviation. Aviation took a leap forward with the industrialization that accompanied World War I. In the post-war period, manufacturers needed to find new markets and introduced models designed for tourism. However, these machines were affordable only by the very rich.

Many U. Many of these were prototypes, but designs such as Bernard Pietenpol 's first design were some of the first homebuilt aircraft.Welcome to Revolution Aviation, Inc.

The World Leader in Kit Aircraft. Join the Squadron.

Our History. Revolution Aviation Inc. Several years ago, we dropped the name Team Tango and formalized the name as Revolution Aviation, Inc.

Through the years RAI has continued to improve the existing designs and create new ones. We have developed six aircraft over the years and have marketed them to different customers throughout the world. It is our 2 seat high performance aircraft that is unbeaten in the industry for ease of build, performance and cost.

The RAI-6 is in production and is marketed as such. The RAI-6 has a taller, wider, and longer cabin with room for four adults.

The wing and aft fuselage remain the same. Even though the fuselage is somewhat bigger, the cruise speed remains the same. If you are looking for a 2-seat or a 4-seat best in class cross country cruiser, we have a fast efficient machine to meet your needs. We employ modern fiberglass technology in high quality custom tailored kits. We gel coat most of our molds before laying up a part.


This largely eliminates the dreaded pinholes found in composite parts that are not gel coated. This in turn eliminates many hours of filling and sanding, and more filling and sanding to prep for painting. Following the gel coat, we lay up the actual part, using vacuum bagging and resin infusion where practical.

These steps yield lighter, stronger parts and are common in the composite construction industry. Our are kits are very complete and manufactured to be built in to hours, which is a very fast build for a full size composite aircraft kit.

In recent years we began a program to reduce the need for precision measuring and fitting. For instance, anywhere we can, we use a jig to pre drill holes to save you time and eliminate errors. We now offer these fast build kits and even faster build kits by using a custom faster build program.

Our goal is to get you into a superior product, as fast as possible, within your budget.


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