Neurosky mindwave headset specifications

NeuroSky's Mindwave Mobile innovative technology lets you control your PC or phone with your brain, but the apps aren't compelling enough. Siri is so There's a new way to control your computer or mobile device that doesn't involve fingers, gestures or even your voice.

This mind-powered headset can perform numerous tasks when connected to compatible applications, from keeping a meditation journal built on brain waves to playing a movie. NeuroSky hopes to create a brand-new way to interact with the computer, but will this new form of input live up to the hype? Click to Enlarge The Mindwave Mobile looks similar to any other gaming headset, with a few important modifications.

There's no speaker for the ear; instead, the Mindwave Mobile has a small clip that attaches to your earlobe. Also, there's an adjustable arm attached to a sensor that rests directly on the forehead. This design seems a bit uninviting and we were expecting it to feel unnatural, so we were surprised at the level of comfort.

While we definitely didn't forget that we were wearing the 3. The ear clip was secure without being too firm and the forehead sensor rested comfortably when adjusted to the correct position.

There was still a level of relief when taking off the Mindwave Mobile, but we weren't itching to remove the device as soon as we put it on. A slight red mark on the forehead was a painless souvenir left after extended use, but that faded away in a few minutes' time. The Mindwave Mobile is powered by a single AAA battery, surprising in a time of gadgets filed with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The battery isn't included with the device either, so turning on the Mindwave Mobile may require a quick trip to the store.

The company says the battery should provide up to 8 hours of use. Click to Enlarge The first step in setting up this device is connecting it via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device, or a computer. After the device was connected, we installed the proprietary software that gave the headset full "mind-reading" functionality. Regardless of device, all software initialized with a tutorial that explains how to wear and use the headset, and explained features such as attention-measuring, meditation and blink recognition.

Click to Enlarge After getting the headset connected and the software installed, we wanted to jump right into the games, but found them confusing at best, unable to control the mindwave meters. We were told to concentrate, but weren't really sure what that meant. The Brainwave Visualizer application may seem boring compared with games and movie players, but was an essential tool in learning how to use the headset.

The Brainwave Visualizer displays a plethora of information about your unique brainwaves. You can watch different parts of your brain alter and move in real time, tracking Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma waves. There are two meters on the bottom right of the application, showing "attention" and "meditation" levels. Click to Enlarge The Brainwave Visualizer was extremely helpful with gaining the thought control skills required for the rest of the applications in the suite.

Unfortunately, this application is not yet available for mobile devices, giving a slight handicap to users without a compatible computer. There are two main "mind" measurements needed to control the applications included with Mindwave Mobile, "attention" and "meditation.

We found that the most effective way to improve our attention score was to count backward from in our head. The meter really did respond to our thoughts, and the measurement would show our attention steadily increasing as we continued our countdown.

When we stopped, or if our mind wandered to other thoughts, our attention score immediately decreased.The NeuroSky MindSet can be used with supported video games, research software, or a number of other applications for an enhanced user experience.

The last century of neuroscience research has greatly increased our knowledge about the brain and particularly, the electrical signals emitted by neurons firing in the brain. The patterns and frequencies of these electrical signals can be measured by placing a sensor on the scalp.

The table below gives a general synopsis of some of the commonly-recognized frequencies that tend to be generated by different types of activity in the brain:. It includes the sensor that touches the forehead, the contact and reference points located on the ear pad, and the on-board chip that processes all of the data.

neurosky mindwave headset specifications

To calculate eSense, the NeuroSky ThinkGear technology amplifies the raw brainwave signal and removes the ambient noise and muscle movement. The eSense algorithm is then applied to the remaining signal, resulting in the interpreted eSense meter values. Please note that eSense meter values do not describe an exact number, but instead describe ranges of activity. The eSense meters are a way to show how effectively the user is engaging Attention similar to concentration or Meditation similar to relaxation.

In many cases, people tend to be better at one eSense than the other when they first begin. We recommend trying different tactics until you are successful with one. Once you see a reaction on the screen from your efforts, you will be able to duplicate the action more easily with additional practice. Generally, Attention can be controlled through a visual focus. Focus on a singular idea. Other suggestions include picking a point on the screen to stare at or imagining the action you are trying to accomplish happening.

For example, look at the Attention eSense meter and imagine the dial moving towards higher numbers. For Meditation, it typically helps to try to relax yourself. Connect to a sense of peace and calm by clearing your mind of thoughts and distractions. If you are having difficulty engaging Meditation, close your eyes, wait a number of seconds, and then open your eyes to see how the meter has responded.

If you have trouble at first in controlling your eSense meter levels, be patient. Try different techniques and practice. Also be sure to read and try to understand the Technical Description in order to get a better idea about how eSense actually works under the hood.

For each different type of eSense i. Attention, Meditationthe meter value is reported on a relative eSense scale of 1 to These levels may indicate states of distraction, agitation, or abnormality, according to the opposite of each eSense.Double your learning speed by knowing your learning effectiveness! When you are effective, you can absorb more and retain more. If you are not effective, try changing your learning method, switching to a different task, or taking a rest.

The Effective Learner app uses a NeuroSky's brainwave sensing headset to detect your learning effectiveness and show it as 6 different color coded levels, so you can gauge your effectiveness with a quick glance.

MindWave Mobile headset required. Hone in on your problem areas. Play for fun, and may help users improve control of attention and relaxation skills in everyday life!

Download more games from the NeuroSky App Store! Download the MyndPlay Brainwave Movie Player, which transforms the way you watch specially filmed movies. Focus or relax your mind to influence the story! Try a wide selection of interactive brain controlled movies from the NeuroSky App Store. Transform the way you watch specially filmed movies. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. MyndBowl Training is designed to mimic the real life bowling experience with built in pressure and distractions.

MindWave Mobile

Tug of War 2 Player pits you and against family, friends or foes in the ultimate battle of mind focus. Download more wellness apps from the NeuroSky App Store! Letting go, being in a calm and balanced state is an extremely beautiful inner experience.

Become aware of your own experience and responses to your pain and conquer your chronic pain. The Research Tools are a cost effective and user-friendly solution for conducting EEG-oriented research. It includes bandpowers now. Use the power of your mind to move holograms and perform amazing feats of Jedi strength from different Star Wars movies.

Real brainwave sensors on the wireless headset detect the strength of your concentration from your brainwaves and trigger changes in the hologram. Advance through 10 different levels of Jedi training as you increase your rank from Padawan to Jedi Knight to Jedi Master Yoda, and music to bring the scene to life. The Puzzlebox Orbit is a brain-controlled helicopter. Operated with an EEG headset, users can fly the Orbit by focusing their concentration and clearing their mind.

Colorful visuals and physical feedback help provide positive reinforcement while developing skills of attention and mental relaxation. This headset not only provides an evaluation of your sleep efficiency, but provide an audio feedback to improve your sleep efficiency.Available Now!

As the most affordable brainwave-reading EEG headset available, the MindWave Mobile 2 transform science fiction into reality from the comfort of your living room. Flexible rubber sensor arms and rounded forehead sensor tip, T-shaped headband, and wider ear clip contacts make MindWave Mobile 2 our most comfortable EEG headset yet. Download brainwave powered games, wellness, education and neuroscience apps! The MindWave Mobile 2 safely measures and outputs the EEG power spectrums alpha waves, beta waves, etcNeuroSky eSense meters attention and meditation and eye blinks.

The device consists of a headset, an ear-clip, and a sensor arm. It uses a single AAA battery with 8 hours of battery life. All transactions are made on a Secure Server. NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers.

NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices. Buying outside the United States? Buy Now from Amazon. What can you do with MindWave Mobile 2? Games Unlock a new level of fun with brainwave powered games!

Wellness Feel your best with focused meditation and mood tracking apps. Make exciting EEG products and neuroscience discoveries. Visit the App Store. Visit Research Tools. Bluetooth dongle not included.

About NeuroSky NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers.NeuroSky, Inc. NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers.

NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices. The company adapts electroencephalography EEG and electromyography EMG technology to fit a consumer market within a number of fields such as entertainment toys and gameseducation, automotive, and health.

Various data values are obtained by using this device, such as, raw EEG data, magnitude of frequency bands Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gammasignal quality, eye blink, etc. It is also capable of detecting two mind states — focused and relaxed. The MindWave EEG headset is a lightweight, portable device with wireless communication and unipolar conduction.

NeuroSky technology allows for low-cost EEG-linked research and products by using inexpensive dry sensors; older EEGs require the application of a conductive gel between the sensors and the head. The major advantage of the dry sensor is the time it takes to set up.

Traditional gel bases EEGs can take up to 30 minutes to start acquiring data while the NeuroSky headsets are ready to go in seconds. The disadvantage to the dry sensor electrodes is an increase in the impedance contact the sensor has with the scalp. This can cause low amplitude signals to not be fully represented in the acquired data. NeuroSky developed a ThinkGear measurement technology to calculate the Power Spectrum Density PSD using samples per second sampling frequency and eSense Attention meter algorithm to indicate the intensity of attention, which occurs during intense concentration.

The device amplifies and digitalizes the voltage difference to achieve better common mode rejection between a single dry sensor on the forehead and a reference on the ear. The brain signal is filtered by analog and digital, low and high pass filters in the Hz range.

Each second, the signal is analyzed in the time domain to detect and correct noise, a standard FFT is performed, and finally, the signal is rechecked for noise and artifacts in the frequency domain to get brainwave strengths and eSense Attention and Mediation values. It consists of the sensor which touches the forehead of the user, the reference and junction points presented in the ear clip, and the onboard chip that operates all of the data.

To compute eSense, the NeuroSky ThinkGear technology fleshes out the raw brainwave signal and removes the atmosphere noise and muscle movement.

neurosky mindwave headset specifications

The eSense algorithm is then appealed to the remaining signal, resulting in the elucidated eSense meter values. The meter value ranges from 0 to The attention level increases when a user focuses on a single thought or an external object, and decreases when distracted. Users can observe their ability to concentrate using the algorithm.

In educational settings, attention to lesson plans can be tracked to measure their effectiveness in engaging students. Lack of concentration, wandering thoughts, Distractions, or anxiety may decrease the Attention meter level.

The value ranges from 0 toand increases when users relax the mind and decreases when they are uneasy or stressed. The Meditation Meter quantifies the ability to find an inner state of mindfulness, and can thus help users learn how to self- correct and find inner balance to overcome the stresses of everyday life.

The algorithm is also used in a variety of game-design controls. Nevertheless, for most people in most everyday situations, relaxing the body frequently helps the mind to relax as well. Meditation is associated to decrease activity by the active mental processes in the brain. It has been an observed that closing the eyes is often an effective method for increasing the Meditation meter level. Distractions, anxiety, sensory stimuli and wandering thoughts may lower the Meditation meter levels.

The frequency of blinking is often correlated with nervousness or fatigue. For instance, in communication applications, one blink means no, two mean yes — giving individuals with a special needs a simple way to communicate. Mental Effort The Mental Effort algorithm measures the mental workload while performing a task.

The algorithm works well with both physical e. The algorithm can be used to track the effects of diverse cognitive loads on the ability to learn and provide feedback for user self-improvement. Familiarity The Familiarity algorithm tracks learning processes to measure the relative level of understanding, learning, or comfort with a task.

It is a measure of the subconscious learning of procedural motor and mental tasks. In some cases, it reflects how well a user is doing with the task.It includes the sensor that touches the forehead, the contact and reference points located on the ear pad, and the onboard chip that processes all of the data and provides this data to software and applications in digital form. In particular, it describes:. It is highly recommended that you read this section to familiarize yourself with which kinds of Data Values are and aren't available from ThinkGear before continuing to later chapters.

This unsigned one-byte integer value describes how poor the signal measured by the ThinkGear is. It ranges in value from 0 to Any non-zero value indicates that some sort of noise contamination is detected. The higher the number, the more noise is detected.

A value of has a special meaning, specifically that the ThinkGear electrodes aren't contacting a person's skin. This value is typically output every second, and indicates the poorness of the most recent measurements. For all the different types of eSenses i. Attention, Meditationthe meter value is reported on a relative eSense scale of 1 to These levels may indicate states of distraction, agitation, or abnormality, according to the opposite of each eSense.

An eSense meter value of 0 is a special value indicating the ThinkGear is unable to calculate an eSense level with a reasonable amount of reliability. This is part of the reason why ThinkGear sensors are able to operate on a wide range of individuals under an extremely wide range of personal and environmental conditions while still giving good accuracy and reliability.

Developers are encouraged to further interpret and adapt these guideline ranges to be fine-tuned for their application as one example, an application could disregard values below 60 and only react to values betweeninterpreting them as the onset of heightened attention levels.

Its value ranges from 0 to Distractions, wandering thoughts, lack of focus, or anxiety may lower the Attention meter levels. See eSense tm Meters above for details about interpreting eSense levels in general. Note that Meditation is a measure of a person's mental levels, not physical levels, so simply relaxing all the muscles of the body may not immediately result in a heightened Meditation level.

However, for most people in most normal circumstances, relaxing the body often helps the mind to relax as well.

Meditation is related to reduced activity by the active mental processes in the brain, and it has long been an observed effect that closing one's eyes turns off the mental activities which process images from the eyes, so closing the eyes is often an effective method for increasing the Meditation meter level.

Distractions, wandering thoughts, anxiety, agitation, and sensory stimuli may lower the Meditation meter levels. This makes it possible to output raw wave values given the bandwidth restrictions of serial communications at a baud rate, at the cost of not outputting the lowest couple bits of precision. For many applications such as realtime display of the graph of the raw waveshowing 8 bits of precision is sufficient, since the human eye typically cannot rapidly discern pixels which may correspond to the lower bits of precision anyways.

If more precision is required, consider using the normal signed RAW Wave Value bit described below output at a higher baud rate.

Only the outputted raw value is reduced to 8 bits, to save serial bandwidth. By default, output of this Data Value is disabled. This is not really a Data Value, and is primarily only useful for debugging very precise timing and synchronization of the raw wave, or research purposes. Currently, the value will always be 0x This Data Value is only available in ThinkGear modules.

This Data Value consists of two bytes, and represents a single raw wave sample. Its value is a signed bit integer that ranges from to It includes:. The calculated values are output by the ThinkGear chip, through the headset, to a PC.

The MindSet is no longer available.

neurosky mindwave headset specifications

This was our first consumer-developer released headset. It also comes with standard Bluetooth A2DP audio and microphone capabilities. NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers.

NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices. Contact Us. Table of Contents Headsets. Welcome Start here. NeuroSky Platforms and Genres. Developer Tools.

neurosky mindwave headset specifications

App Notes and Tutorials. Which API is right for me. GitHub Repositories. Publish your Apps. Publishing Requirements.

Introduction to the MindSet

App Standards. Seattle Interactive Conference Hackathon. SXSW GDC NeuroSky Developer's Forum.


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